Hub Pathway Search Webserver

The purpose of this webserver is to illustrate the method proposed in Kim et al. (in review), while gathering feedback from users on the interface.
We have provided a short guide on how to use the webserver in the help link below.
If you have feedback or further questions on how to use the webserver that are not answered on the help page, please contact us here. The code for the server is available upon request.
Thank you for your interest and insight on this work.


Example Searches

Interested in testing the pathway visualization features? Start with the examples below.

The orange-highlighted examples are ideal for testing the hub path visualization features.

The blue-highlighted examples are ideal for testing the interactive filtering features.

Start Target Algorithm Hub Table Results
Pyruvate (C00022) L-Lysine (C00047) HPAT HubT_out_50 View
L-Glutamate (C00025) L-Proline (C00148) HPAT HubT_out_50 View
Pyruvate (C00022) 3-Hydroxypropanoate (C01013) HPAT HubT_out_50 View
D-Glucose (C00031) D-Glucarate (C00818) HPAT HubT_out_50 View

Run a New Search

Max      One      None     

If enabled, the reverse of a reaction direction will be considered

Search Results